We specialize in retrofit medical and dental office parks as well as new builds for stand-alone healthcare facilities. We offer full design/build services, or we can collaborate with a design team of your choosing.

Webb Construction excels at pinpointing the needs of the individual practice. Your office should reflect you and your vision for your practice, so we will collaborate with you throughout the process to achieve your goals. We also understand that you are spending your own hard-earned money, so we work diligently to deliver on time and in budget.

Featured Healthcare Project


Sledgehammer Medical

Webb developed and carried out plans to renovate the aging Sledgehammer Medical Clinic on Kelly Hill in Fort Benning, Georgia. Timely completion was critical due to the 3rd division's prompt return and urgent need of the space. Clement Group, LLC  was the lead contractor due to their contract capacity with the USACE. Although Webb was a subcontractor to Clement, all construction was performed by Webb.

Sledgehammer Medical Clinic stands as an excellent example of Webb's MATOC renovation and repair/replacement capabilities.