Our Leaders


Charles Webb Chairman of the Board

Founder of Webb Construction Group, Charles Webb is a general contractor through to his soul. He has spent the totality of his career in construction, taking his first job after high school graduation in the clay brick manufacturing industry in 1956. He moved into lumber production as a sawmill millwright and then into general construction. Charles, driven by an entrepreneurial sprit, started his own small contracting firm in 1970 without any outside assistance except from his wife, Miriam. He was not traditionally educated in the construction business and learned, as some would say, “the hard way.” Over the years he encountered lean times in the industry that took every ounce of his business savvy to make it through, and he has also enjoyed times of success. Regardless of his situation, he has always held fast to the anchors in his life—his wife of more than 60 years, his children and his faith. 

Today as Chairman of the Board, Charles brings his vast knowledge and skills to the company in unique ways. Everyone at Webb looks to his 50 years of experience as a wellspring of information, constantly drawing upon his wisdom and advice to manage the issues at hand. Charles still participates in the business on a daily basis, giving direction to financial oversite, owner liaison and asset management. He is also fully involved in bidding and negotiations. With no expectation of retirement, Charles intends to remain engaged at Webb for some time to come. We look forward to many more years of his involvement.

Phillip Webb President

Phillip Webb says that he has difficulty determining his precise number of years in business. It depends, for instance, if you count the years of growing up in the construction industry. Phil’s earliest memories include working every summer from the age of 10, cleaning up job sites, scraping floors, and riding in a dump truck to deliver materials. Growing up in a small family owned general construction firm afforded him experiences that he could not have gotten any other way. After high school graduation, not wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps, Phil pursued a degree in line with his other love—flying and aviation. He attended Auburn University and graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor’s of Science in aviation management. 

Now looking back, he believes his path to general construction was ordained and directed. He could not run from it. As evidence, his first job after graduation was not in aviation but in construction as a project engineer in Zambia Africa on a large project. After working for a year in the bush of Africa, he determined that he was, indeed, a contractor at heart. Phil decided to further his education—this time in construction. He enrolled again at Auburn and got a second bachelor’s degree in building science. After graduation in 1989, Phil worked as a project manager for an industrial mechanical construction firm in Atlanta, where he gained valuable experience in heavy industrial and large-scope projects and became especially educated in how the construction business should and should not be conducted.

The transition into ownership and leadership at Webb was a slow, deliberate process. In early 1990, having left Atlanta, Phil began work back at Webb, first as a site foreman and then as a superintendent, a project manager, Vice President and now President of the firm. Having experienced each facet of the business, Phil acquired a unique skill set in technical construction, quality control, safety and estimating. As President, he oversees the full team of highly qualified individuals in every aspect of the firm.

Phil and his wife Dodie have been married for 28 years and have three children and one grandchild. Phil and Dodie are very involved in their church, their children’s school and various foreign missions agencies. Phil is a licensed multi-engine pilot and enjoys flying for work and pleasure.

Stuart Webb Secretary/Treasurer

Stuart Webb has a unique historical perspective and specialized skills that have proven invaluable to the team and to Webb Construction as a whole. Acquired through years of experience in construction and manufacturing, his perspective was first grounded by a quality education. 

After graduating from high school in 1988, Stuart enrolled at Auburn University, finishing a Bachelor’s of Science in Building Construction in just three years. As with his brother, construction was in his blood, having grown up in the family construction business. After graduation, he worked in Atlanta for a short while, but met his future wife Misty back in Columbus. In 1991, Stuart moved back to his home town, married Misty and moved back into the family construction business. Stuart, then only 22 years old, started at Webb in the office, learning project management, estimating, finance and sales.

Under Stuart’s direction, Webb Construction would go on to become the 15th largest metal roofing company in the United States. The knowledge he gained in the metal construction industry, along with his inherent entrepreneurial drive, prompted him to branch out of general construction and into the pre-engineered metal building and roofing manufacturing. In 1999, Stuart founded Architectural Integrated Metals, Inc. (AIM) in Columbus, Georgia, and he ran the business until 2013, when it was sold to a venture capital group. During this time, he learned manufacturing processes, finance, banking, sales, labor control and construction law, and he gained a general overview of the construction industry, having dealt with multiple contractors across the Southeast. 

After AIM, Stuart returned to Webb Construction and re-assumed the role of Secretary/Treasurer of the corporation. He now oversees all finance and accounting and assists as senior project manager over industrial construction and sales. His experience is unusual for the general construction industry, and it has uniquely prepared him for his work at Webb.

Stuart and Misty have been married for 25 years and have two grown children. Stuart is involved in local charities, foreign missions and in his church. He enjoys youth and college baseball, coaching many of his son’s little league teams over the years, and he still enjoys involvement today.