Our History


"Nothing speaks to longevity like longevity.” Never has this been truer than for Webb Construction and our nearly 50-year history. 

The company story is, at its heart, a family story. The two are inseparable. The family built the company and the company made us who we are—a family of General Contractors. Both as a family and a company, we are rooted in our past while focused on a successful future for our customers, our families and our community.

Our story begins back in 1970 with the founding of Charles E. Webb Contracting Company by Charles Webb and his wife Miriam. The venture began as a residential contractor in the local markets of East Alabama and West Central Georgia. Charles would bid the work and get it done while Miriam kept the books, and before long, the two expanded into the commercial market. In 1973, Webb was awarded its first commercial construction project for Auburn University, and following that success, Charles chose to focus exclusively on commercial projects. 

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the company developed long-term business relationships with customers such as BellSouth, Alabama Power, Auburn University, Tuskegee University, the U.S. Army and many local architects, businesses and churches. Each relationship and project built upon the success of the last, and our company evolved with the belief that to attain long-term success, we must constantly strive to be trustworthy, effective and, above all, customer focused. By the 1990s, the two-person operation had transformed into a true family business, with an added concentration in industrial general construction, and in 1999 incorporated to become Webb Construction Group, Inc. 

The path of the current ownership and management structure took root during the early years. Phillip Webb and Stuart Webb both learned construction from the ground up, literally playing in the dirt on the job site as small children, and eventually becoming full partners in the company. Phillip and Stuart both graduated from Auburn University with degrees in Building Science, and in the early 90s, after working for other commercial and industrial contractors, the brothers began working their way through the family business. Starting out as superintendents, they served as project managers, estimators and salesmen before assuming their current roles as President and Vice President of the company. The incorporation as Webb Construction Group in 1999 reflected the ownership and participation of all three principals, Charles, Phillip and Stuart.

From 2000 through today, we have made the constant and deliberate commitment to be a truly customer focused construction firm. This commitment requires daily dedication to strong business ethics, high quality workmanship, effective cost savings and timeliness. 

Our customer focused philosophy has resulted in priceless partnerships over the years, as well as an extremely varied project list. We have performed projects for commercial, medical, industrial, faith based, military, manufacturing and educational customers. And we have won awards for our historical renovations as well as our construction for the military. 

The future of any business is fueled by a desire to succeed and grow but tempered by past challenges and success. At Webb, we are rooted in our history, but not limited by it. Our desire for Webb Construction is to become one of the strongest, most respected construction firms in the region, continually pushing forward to sustained growth for the next generation of the family business.